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KAZ Stickers Rise Up!

Keep Austin Zombie stickers have risen! NOW LET THEM DISPERSE LIKE AN INSIDIOUS PLAGUE!!!

Austin, Texas Zombie Warning

Black T

This Keep Austin Zombie shirt features zombies from "Night of the Living Dead". I tried to get some real zombies, but the wouldn't sign the release. Not even an "X"!!

Unholy Alliance?

"Today, the nests, which could number in the thousands, are fairly highly contaminated with radioactive isotopes, such as cesium and cobalt, but don't pose a significant threat to workers digging them up."
Yea, right.
Don't these guys know this is how it starts!


Zombies are running amuck in Austin Texas!
Help raise zombie awareness with this slick T Shirt.
The rumor about Nazi zombies is false! Zombies are just like you and me. They ought to be treated with dignity and respect!

Zombie Movie for $70!

An amazing achievement to be sure. But leave it to CNN to call a $70 zombie movie "no budget" - but I digress...What did they spend the $70 on? Crowbar? check. Tapes? check. Coffee and tea. NO! I call B.S.!

Who are they kidding. A zombie movie for $70 that the Japanese want? I haven't seen the flick, but that can only mean one thing - it's NO FRICKIN' JOKE! The Japanese know horror. This can only lead to one conclusion - ZOMBIE PARTICIPATION. Yes, I know, I share your skepticism - Zombies are not on Facebook, but I'm telling you dear readers some of that 70 bucks was spent on meat. You'd need real zombies to pull this thing off.

The Movie is "Colin" and the "budding" director is Marc Price. Keep Austin Zombie calls on you, sir to come clean! 

If you see a Zombie

It's okay to approach a zombie! Don't run. They are hungry. Toss them a sandwich or a bag of chips. While brains may be at the top of their list, luckily, they don't discriminate.
If he askes for change - HE IS NOT A ZOMBIE! He is a homeless (living) person. Give him some money and continue your search.
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FYI: While it's true Zombies can't read anymore, studys have shown that they do recognize "their letter": Z. Thusly, KEEP AUSTIN ZOMBIE shirts do attract zombies. And while they look like they could sure use a hug - avoid the temptation - tell your boyfriend to take his photos at a safe distance.